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Thursday, November 4, 2010

1920's makeup: Lips Take Two

You might have noticed that I have a habit of redoing looks or techniques that I've already posted on. I'm a little bit of perfectionist about things like that and so to stop me from deleting and redoing posts I've decided to just post both the new and the old. It's kind of good to have both up because it shows the progression of my skills.

Anyway, todays post is a redo of the 1920's themed makeup I tried a few posts ago. I didn't really like now either the eye or the lip came out. I still haven't perfected the eye and the brows but I think the lips I did this time are pretty good so I'm only posting the pictures of them.

You may remember that 1920's lips had a distinctive shape with a very defined cupids bow and a fuller but shorter more rounded pout. This is the lip that I did the first time around:

I wasn't very happy with it because it looked a bit cartoon like in a way and it was obvious that I had gone outside of my natural lip line.

When I redid my lips this time around I made sure to start by concealing my lips which I didn't do for my first post. I then used a lipliner to define the shape I wanted and then used it to fill the whole shape. The main difference between this and the first lip is that this time I stayed within my natural lipline even though I did obviously draw a different shape to my natural shape.

After I filled in my lips with lipliner I applied lipstick just to the centre most parts of my lips. I also went and reconcealed any areas that weren't looking that great. This was the final lip:

Here's a picture of my lips filled in with my natural lip shape so you can see the differences between the 1920's lip and my own.

This was just a quick post but I'll be doing a product review some time in the next few days. Hope you like it.


  1. Awesomely done! Thanks for the tip on concealing the lip first!

  2. Thanks :) although it makes me cringe a bit when I look back over this post :D