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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Feathery/Fallen Angel eye look

This is probably the last halloween type post I'm going to do unless I'm over come with some serious inspiration in the next few days! This is another inspired look and it is based on two looks which are Miss Chievous's Fallen Angel look and MakeupbyRisa's Feathered explosion look. I'm including links to both below so you can go see how to do it if you're interested.

Miss Chievous's fallen angel look:
MakeupbyRisa's feathered explosion look:

So I did this look on my best friend for the Halloween party we had on the weekend and I adapted both of the looks above to suit her personality. I love going OTT with everything and the more drama the better but my BFF is more of an understated gal so we decreased the drama a bit. She didn't want anything as feathery as the video's and so I didn't do as thin, feathery lines and I also didn't extend the look out as far as in both video's.

She loves purple so instead of using the clear rhinestones that Miss Chievous used, I decided to use lilac coloured rhinestones and I also drew on lines of silver and purple glitter liquid liner in and around the black eyeliner.

This first picture is the most true to colour even though you can't see all of the look:

This next picture shows the look a lot better. I stuck with a mixture of lilac, pink and purple shadows on the lid as she didn't want anything too bright or out there. Please excuse the messy liner around the eyes but we were in a hurry!

She didn't want both eyes to look the same so I went for a much more simplified look on her other eye that still tied in with the whole look.

We finished the look off by putting some black lipstick on her but it was applied more sheerly so the end result was more of a dark red than anything else. Opaque black lipstick would have been awesome too as would a dark purple.

Even though the look was a little rough around the edges it still came out great and it looked fantastic on her. This is definitely one of those pretty halloween looks and is great for those that want to look like they've made an effort without being too over the top. Hope it inspires you to try it out.

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