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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lacy halloween mask look: Take 2

For those of you who read my first post on this look, you'll remember that I wasn't very impressed with how my attempt came out and I really wanted to try it again using a more opaque base. I went out and purchased some black face paint, a cheap set of loose green shadows, gold leaf flakes, green glitter eyeliner and some fabulous lashes and I was ready to give it another go. I was much happier with how this look came out and I only wish I had decided to go with the look for the halloween party I had on the weekend!

I love how super dramatic it came out. The black lipstick really amped the look up and tied it all together. The youtube video I got my inspiration from didn't really emphasise the eye which was on the side with the mask but I really wanted that extra little bit of drama so I put down some lash adhesive and pressed on some gold leaf flakes and added some dramatic lashes. I also decided to outline the edges of the mask with the green glitter liner for some added drama!

The eyeshadow I used on top of the black face paint was a pot with four colours that I got from Target for about $15AUD and it came in a few different colours. Using the four different tones of green really added extra depth to the look and is visually much more interesting than just using the one colour.

While I didn't end up using this makeup for my halloween costume, I think it would have worked amazingly with my costume as I decided to go as Medusa. I purchased a fabulously tacky black, green and purple wig and I've included a picture of how they would have looked together.

I also came up with the perfect complimentary nail by putting a coat of gold glitter nail polish on top of some green nailpolish.

This look is surprisingly easy to do and the variations are endless so if you're struggling to find the right makeup for your costume then give it a go.

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