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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The key to wearing a bold lip...

... is confidence. Or at least that's what I always thought but now I've decided that the key is just not worrying about it too much and just being willing to give it a go! I've always loved the look of bright lips and purchase really bright fun shades but never wear them out because I always manage to talk myself out of it when I'm looking in the mirror.

Then the other day I was on my way out the door and on a whim I threw on a really bright lip (MAC Girl about town lipstick) and it was fine! Yes there were moments where I felt really self conscious but then I just forgot about it and managed to get through a whole day. After I got past the initial, 'Do I look weird?' stage I actually really dug it and felt more confident and feminine and funky.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not deluding myself into thinking I've discovered the secret to life or anything but I have come some small way towards being ok with stepping out of my comfort zone. Small change leads the way for big change and I really think I'm ready for some big change even if it means that in the mean time all I'm ready for is a different lip colour.