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Sunday, September 12, 2010

YSL Singulier Mascara

I had such high hopes for this mascara. I'd read rave reviews about it and seen before and after shots that made me jump at the first chance I had to purchase it. Unfortunately this mascara just doesn't give me those va-va-voom lashes I thought it would. I kept reading about how this mascara gives you a false lash effect but I honestly don't think it does. To me a good mascara is one that can give you a great effect in one to two coats because I don't like waiting for each layer of mascara to dry so that I can apply another one.

Here's what the packaging looks like. It's typical YSL and comes in a gold tube which makes it easy to spot amongst my mainly black coloured mascara tubes!

The brush is a silicone one and the design means that it has the potential to grab and coat all your lashes.

Here are some shots to show you how my lashes looked with and without the mascara on.

Here's my bare lashes:

One coat of YSL Singulier:

Two coats of YSL Singulier:

and finally, three coats of YSL Singulier:

I've noticed that this isn't one of those mascara's that gives you great lashes the more you build it because it tends to clump up and get a bit spidery. You can probably also notice that as I added each layer of mascara, my lashes started to get less and less seperated which I really don't like.

This is an ok mascara and as always it's a try it yourself product. My friend owns this too and she said she didn't really like it at first but loves it now and it gives her the most amazing looking lashes. I think the reason it looks so good on her is because she has more lashes than I do so maybe this is a product that works amazingly if you've got great lashes to begin with!

This isn't going into my dislike pile because I do still use it quite often but it's definitely going into my over-hyped pile! I'm secretly glad that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would because now it gives me a reason to keep searching for the perfect mascara! I think that the new Diorshow or the Giorgio Armani Eye's to Kill is going to be my next mascara purchase. Just FYI, I've recently rediscovered my Benefit Bad Gal Lash and I am loving the lashes it gives! Drama to the max!

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