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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vampy Halloween look

I've been seeing so many halloween themed posts and collections on a lot of blogs lately so I've been inspired to do a halloween look. The one I'm posting is a lot more subdued than the ones I've been seeing but it was my first try. I decided to do a more vampish look and that of course means some kind of smokey eye and dark red lips! I decided to use purple instead of the typical black and grey. I liked the final look but I couldn't get the colours to show up properly on camera so I had to edit the colour of my photos after I took them. The purple's I used were much more vibrant than they're coming up in the pictures.

Hope you like it! By the way, please ignore the blemishes in the pictures- my skin was not being my friend today.

To get the eyeshadow look I started off by applying a black base all over my lid (I used NYX Jumbo eye pencil in black bean) and I tried to wing it out into a cat eye shape. I then used a dark purple I purchased from Inglot (sorry don't know the colour!) and applied that all over the lid and wherever I put down the black base. I then used MAC Sketch eyeshadow in the outer part of my lid and into the winged out part and then darkened the outer V with some MAC Print eyeshadow. I used some MAC Satin Taupe in the crease and blended it all out. I used MAC Solar White as a highlight under the brow bone.

I then took some MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to line my top and bottom lashline and winged both of them out at the same angle. I then used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner in lust (dark purple) on my bottom lashline and my waterline. I finished up by putting on some Ardell Wispies false eyelashes and curling my lashes and putting on a coat of YSL Singulier mascara. I also filled in my eyebrown but instead of using my usual natural coloured fill in products, I decided to go for a blacker more defined eyebrow. To achieve this I used some of my fluid line in blacktrack and some MAC Carbon eyeshadow. It gives you a very evil look which is great for halloween!

So to finish off the vampy look, of course I needed some dark red lips! I don't own anything that was as dark as what I wanted so I improvised. I used my MAC Diva lipstick and then put some YSL Pur lipgloss in black on top of it. The finished look is a very dark plummy lip .

Here are some swatches to show the difference a coat of black lipgloss can have on your lipsticks. The first swatch is the black YSL gloss, the second is MAC Diva lipstick on its own and the third swatch is both of them mixed together.

I bought the black lipgloss just for the sake of it but it's a great way to darken up colours that are too light and it's the perfect thing for times like halloween and costume parties when you want to unleash your dark side!

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