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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Givenchy Phenomen'eyes Effet Extension Mascara

I was out at dinner tonight and my friend was talking about this great mascara she had just bought and of course she was talking about the Givenchy Phenomeneyes mascara. Coincidentally I had decided to actually use it tonight because I'd recently rediscovered how awesome it was and yet I've forgotten to post about it! Well actually I've had a draft of a post about it sitting in my folder for 2 months and have just forgotten to actually finish it so here it is!

This is one of those mascaras that kept showing up on alot of 'best mascara' lists so of course I was intrigued. After seeing the unusual shape of it I knew that I'd have to try it and see what all the fuss was about. The packaging is gorgeous and chic but it's Givenchy so that was of course expected! I was initially surprised by how small it was as it was about 2/3rd's of the size of most of my mascaras but in terms of actual product, this mascara contains around the same amount.

So of course the buzz surrounding this mascara is mainly to do with its unique brush design. It's a ball shaped wand with spikes coming out of it and it looks a little S&Mish but I swear it works beautifully. Here's a picture of the wand:

Now I'll be honest here, I wasn't always convinced about the benefits of this product and actually stopped using it for quite a while but I picked it up again recently and couldn't remember why I stopped using it! Before I start raving, here are pictures with the mascara on.

The first picture is bare lashes as always:

Here is one coat of mascara:

And here is two coats:

Just to clarify, two coats of mascara to me is when I have let the first coat dry and then applied another layer. Also all my photos are taken with uncurled lashes.

As an all purpose mascara I think this performs really well. It gives a decent lengthening effect and can be built up for extra volume as well. It does tend to get a bit clumpy with extra coats but so do most mascaras. I like the fact that even with two coats, despite the clumpiness, my lashes still look seperated to some degree and still look fanned out.

This mascara took a bit of getting used to as the design is very different to a conventional mascara. It's not one of those product you can use in too much of a hurry because the design means you can cause some damage to your eyes in you're not careful. That being said, once you get used to it the effect it can give is awesome. The small size means that you can literally coat every lash from the start to end including all those little lashes near the tear duct and those pesky lashes on the very outer end of your lashline that most mascaras miss. It's also phenomenal at coating bottom lashes

Here's a picture showing what I mean. The first is with bare lashes and the second is with mascara mainly on the bottom lashes and the inner and outer corner lashes of the top lashes.

I often skip applying mascara to these areas as it's just too annoying to do with a conventional brush but this brush just coats them easily and with out looking overly done. The only downside to the mascara has to also be the selling point and that is the brush! As much as I love this mascara, when you're in a hurry this product is just too finicky and time consuming to apply. I tend to use this mascara on days when I have time to get ready because applying it is like a ritual unto itself.

You may be put off by the idea of a mascara you have to learn to use but I honestly think that the trial and error is worth it in the end. I would actually repurchase this once it runs out which can't be said for a lot of mascaras so that has to mean something right? I think that this is a product which is unique enough and effective enough that I will always be willing to wear it. I don't think I would necessarily own it if I had to pick only one mascara but I appreciate having it as a compliment to my everyday mascaras.

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