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Monday, September 27, 2010

Damn you fine!- Shiseido The Makeup Fine Eyeliner

Liquid liner is one of my must have beauty items because I wear it every day and I feel somehow incomplete without it on. I've tried using pencil and gel eyeliners and nothing really gives me that same definition that a great liquid liner does. I know that alot of women stay clear of the liquid liner because it's apparently hard to use but like everything else in life, practice makes perfect!

This liquid eyeliner by Shiseido is hands down the best liquid eyeliner I have ever tried and I think that it's also great for those who are new to the liquid liner world. It's designed to act like a pen and is similar to the MAC Penultimate liner. I used the MAC penultimate liner for quite a while and repurchased it when it ran out because I loved how easy it was to use but I always wished it was blacker. That's where this Shiseido one comes in because it is an extremely black eyeliner and it has a super fine tip which is a must for me.

The packaging is very simple but chic and the pen itself is a very pretty burgundy metal that feels very sturdy and has a good weight to it. It's very different to the MAC one which is made of black plastic.

The main design difference between the MAC penultimate liner and the Shiseido one is that the Shiseido is made to be refillable and the MAC isn't. I think that it's such a great idea to have a refillable pen because it always seems like such a waste to throw out pretty packaging. The liner has cartridges similar to a fountain pen that you just remove and replace as needed.

The pen has a click button at the end which you press to dispense more product into the tip. It doesn't ever dispense too much product so you always get a beautifully clean, crisp line. I like the fact that this liner can be manipulated in different ways to get a thinner or thicker line. Here are some lines I drew with the liner to give you an idea of its capabilities.

I've also included a picture with the liner on my eye so you can see how it looks. I always draw my line thin at the beginning of my eye and thicken as I head towards the end of my eye and this liner does it beautifully.

If you're looking for a great liquid liner then look no further than this one because apart from the price, there really aren't any cons that I can think of about this product! I should tell you that this liner isn't waterproof but the lasting time is pretty good because it doesn't fade or flake off like some liquid liners do. If you need something waterproof then keep looking but if you're not fussed then this is definitely a winner!

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