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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Diorskin Sculpt Concealer

I've been trying out the Diorskin Sculpt concealer and I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet. I really want to like it but I'm just not sure because it seems great on some days and then other days I just really dislike it.

The packaging is very cute and tres chic but then again it is Dior so what else would you expect? The bottle is this very opaque nude coloured plastic and I adore the little tube from the way it feels all the way down to how the lid snaps shut with this very satisfying click.

It comes with a doe foot applicator which I think is fairly typical of concealing products so not much to say there. I don't actually use the applicator for anything other than initial application on to my skin so I'm not too fussed about it.

What I usually do is place a few dots of the product around my eye and then blend it in. I had been using my finger and using a gentle patting motion to blend it in but I've started using my blending brush with it and I think I may prefer the brush.

So here are pictures of my eye with and without concealer.

As you can see, it does cover up my dark circles but I also think it leaves a tiny bit of an ashy cast on my skin. I've found that this tends to happen with some concealers on days that my circles are extra dark (which they were on the day I took these pictures) when the product doesn't have enough of a salmony colour in it to correct for the darkness. The picture above was taken with the product on bare skin which is adding to the ashiness as I think it looks alot better when my foundation is on. I tried the concealer on today over my Benefit erase paste which has a very peachy/salmon tone to it and the colour looked so much brighter rather than ashy.

I've found that the consistency of this concealer is a little bit more liquid than my other concealers so it doesn't tend to last as long under my eyes. This is definitely something I have to set with a powder and then may have to reapply later in the day. So far I haven't really liked the way it looks when set with either my Bobbi Brown loose powder or my Guerlain Meteorites but I have purchased the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder so I'll see how it works with that and update later.

I think that this is one of those concealers I'll have to reserve for days when I haven't got quite so much to conceal because I don't really like layering a concealer over a corrector and just prefer buying a concealer which has a peachier tone to it which I would use purely for under my eyes. This is one of those products I'm just going to have to keep using and see how it goes because so far I'm not super impressed with it.

UPDATE 13/11/10

So I've used this concealer for a good three months now and I've got a really good understanding of how it does and doesn't work for me. As I said in my original review above, this concealer definitely has to be set with powder or it just does not stay and it creases like crazy! I can't just use any powder though and I've found that my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder is the only one that works.

The concealing routine that I've come up with and that works for me is to:

1. Pat some eye cream under my eyes.
2. Use my Laura Mercier Under eye perfecter in orange/yellow on the darkest areas.
3. Dab on some Dior Sculpt concealer and then gently pat it on to my skin.
4. Set with my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder using my Laura Mercier
Camouflage powder brush.

I am in love with this combination of products and while it may seem like a lot of effort to go to, I think the results are great. I take back what I said in my original post about not liking correctors because I am in love with my Laura Mercier Under eye perfecter! It's not heavy at all and it has really helped to eliminate any issues I was having with the colour of the Dior Sculpt. I planned to post some before and after shots but I'll have to do them later.

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  1. We have such a similar skin tone and I just wanted to tell you this post was so helpful!! I went and picked up the Dior concealer-- I love that it is more liquid and blends easily but I have the same issues with ashiness. I will def. be taking your other recommendations. Thank you so much!