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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blend away those flaws

I love makeup brushes but the more I buy, the more I find that I end up using my brushes for purposes other than what they were made for. This particular post is about my Sigma SS224 eye blending brush which I initially bought to blend my eyeshadows. Now I pretty much use it solely for my concealer application and I love it for this purpose.

I used to only use a typical concealer brush when doing my makeup but I found that the edges would end up being too harsh so I would still have to do some blending of the edges with my finger. This is no longer the case now that I use my blender brush. Here are some swatches showing the differences in application with a typical style concealer brush and a blender brush.

You can see how the concealer on the side which is applied with the blender brush (the left side) is more seamless and smoother compared with the right side where you can see the edges of the concealed area. I've found that this technique works the best with concealers that are more on the creamy side but it also does ok with liquid concealers. This is the only brush I use now for my under eye concealing because it's so gentle plus it ensures that you only put on a very thin layer on product.

I've been using my Sigma blender just because I prefer to keep my MAC blender brush solely for eyeshadow application but any eye blender brush would work great. The only thing you should watch out for is shedding. I've found that any time I use a natural hair brush with creamy or liquid products, the hairs on the brush will shed more than if I were using a powder product. It's a small inconvenience considering the results but it may put some people off.

If you've been struggling to find the perfect way to apply concealer to achieve a flawless and airbrushed finish, then definitely give this a go! I think it's one of those tips that really ups your makeup game and takes your application to the next level.

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