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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stila Convertible Colours: Worth the hype?

It's inevitable that a vast majority of products that are raved about by beauty bloggers and youtube beauty gurus are going to be over hyped. I am well aware of the reality of this but it's still disappointing to buy products on the rave reviews of others only to be let down which was my experience with the Stila Convertible colours.

I was going through a major cream, liquid, gel blush phase so I was buying up anything that fit this description. The Stila convertible colours got such good reviews that I went and searched for swatches and decided to purchase it in the colours Orchid (a deep red), Petunia (corally pink) and Camelia (honey brown).

When I first received them I was very hopeful because the packaging is very pretty and I loved the fact that each colour blush had a matching coloured case so that you can distinguish them easily in your makeup bag/drawer/whatever! I was still pretty hopeful when I opened them up and saw the colours because they looked so pretty and seemed like they would work really great on my skin tone.

My joy turned to disappointment once I swatched these on my skin and tried them on my cheeks and that's mainly down to the consistency. I should probably preface all this by saying that I don't think this is a bad product, it just wasn't what I thought it would be and it just didn't work well for me. Ok so back to the description, the main thing that I didn't like was the texture of the product which was a bit more oilier than I thought it would be. When I put it on my cheeks the colour just seemed to sit on top of my skin and it didn't really last a very long time either.

Seeing as this product is meant to be a multi use product (the 'convertible' aspect of it), I decided to try using these as a lip product so I could at least get some use out of them. I have to say though, I did not like them for that purpose at all! The colours were really unflattering on my lips and seemed to dry my lips out. It's such a strange product because it was too oily for my skin but was still way too drying for my lips! I've tried to figure out why they just didn't work for me and I'm thinking that maybe these work best over bare skin and I always have to apply them over foundation.

After trying this out a few times, these products got delegated to the makeup abyss where unused products go to die. Well that's where they were until I decided to give them a new home because I'm a big believer in giving away things to people who'll love them and use them more than me. I gave all three to my friend who has much better skin than mine and pulls off that naturally gorgeous look without any effort. She seems to really like this product and especially loves using Orchid on her lips as a lip stain under her gloss. She's also quite a lot lighter than me so I think these colours would show up a lot better on her.

This just goes to show that what may not live up to the hype for you may end up rocking someone else's world! This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't always listen to the hype or the hate and just go try something out for yourself. If I had actually bothered to try these out in person I would have known not to waste my money but at least they found a good home!


  1. Funny how people like different things. This is my favorite product from Stila. I'm loving your blog. I just found it.

  2. Thanks so much! I wish these had worked for me but it seems like everyone has their preference for cream blushes and mine are definitely the Becca ones. Thanks for commenting :)