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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Makeup embargo

The amount of money I spend on makeup is a bit ridiculous and so I decided that it was time to take action before I got any further into my addiction! My main area of spending is from online makeup sites so to combat that I've removed my account from paypal so I don't have the means to buy things online anymore. If I still really wanted to I could set it all up again but most of my shopping is of the impulse variety so I'm hoping that the effort of reconnecting my accounts will stop me from making these impulse purchases. I still have a huge amount of makeup that I haven't done posts on so I'm sure that will leave me with plenty of stuff to blog about.

I've decided to restrict myself for a month to begin with so I can get my finances back in order and take care of some debts that have been hanging over my head for a while! Hopefully having my income back at my disposal means that I can actually buy things such as clothes and shoes and I can finally get my DSLR that I've been eyeing for months! I was going to try project 10 pan where you can't purchase makeup until you've hit pan on 10 products but I could see myself cheating on that so it's an outright ban for me!

The allowed beauty purchases are things like moisturiser, face wash, makeup wipes and foundation and setting powder but only once the items that I use now have run out. I didn't really realise how much I was spending on makeup until I finished classes for the semester and started to go out again and realised that I have no money to go out and have fun! It's strange how going a month without buying makeup seems so hard now when a few months ago I would have thought nothing of it... well wish me luck!

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