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Friday, July 9, 2010

Beauty 911: From sick day drab to fab!

I'm trying to get through an annoying cold at the moment and of course (being the makeup obsessed person that I am) my thoughts ran straight to how I could use makeup to hide how hideous I feel. Have you noticed how your skin just never wants to co-operate when you're feeling your worst? Well I've got a few tips that'll hopefully help you through those days when you're feeling a little under the weather.

I think that the key to looking fresh and healthy is having dewy, glowing skin and this means using products that aren't too matte and embracing illuminating products. For example I usually use the NARS Sheer Matte foundation but, to try and compensate for the dull look in my skin, today I mixed it with some tinted moisturiser and NARS Orgasm illuminator. Doing this helped to sheer out the foundation and gave it some luminosity.

The other key thing you can do is conceal away those flaws that are stopping your skin from looking its best and it's days like these that under eye concealer is your best friend. Nothing says healthy like a good nights sleep even if it's faked! Also don't forget to keep some concealer on hand to conceal that Rudolph like red nose ;)

Next on the agenda for faking a healthy glow is a bright pop of colour on your cheeks so blush is a must have. I decided to stick with a cream blush today and went with Becca's Blush Creme in Hyacinth which is a gorgeous bright raspberry pink that gives you that natural blushing look while also giving a dewy finish. To finish of the cheeks just dust some highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones.

I think it's important not to go too dark or heavy with eye makeup when you're not feeling your best because it just draws attention where it's not wanted (ie: tired, red eyes) so shimmery warm toned golds, champagnes and pinks are your best bet. Today I decided to go with the lightest colour in the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar and just used it to give a soft wash of colour all over the lid after putting down some MAC rubenesque paint pot. I kept the eyes eyeliner free and just went for lots of mascara.

Gloss is of course a must so just slap on one of your favourites (something warm toned like a nice peach or coral is best) and you're done! If it wasn't for the racking coughs that would come out here and there, nobody could even tell I was sick and if anything I was told I looked younger and healthier. Ah, the wonders of good makeup!

So there you have it folks, if a sick day is getting you down, go fake good health with the help of some makeup magic!

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