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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's what's on the inside that counts: Pixi Lip Boosters

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a make up snob. I love my high end brands and the quality and luxury that comes with them. That being said, I'm not one to ignore an awesome cheap product just because of its lack of trophy status. This leads me on to my next post which is about Pixi lip boosters. Pixi is a brand that is sold at Target in America and it's a brand that falls in the same category as Jemma Kidd's Target Brand JK. I would be one of those people that would just walk past a product like this because it just doesn't jump at you and get your attention because it's not in pretty packaging and it just looks like what cheap makeup would look like. Here's a picture:

As you can see there's nothing special about this packaging, they're just normal plastic twist up pens with a brush. How then did I end up with not one, not two but three you ask if the packaging was so boring? Well to be honest they came free with some orders I received and even though I was unimpressed at first sight, it's what's inside that counts and these little gems are like those awesome books you shouldn't be judging based on ugly and boring covers. They're meant to be a 'maximising lip gloss which provides hydration and helps restore collagen'. Well I can't tell you whether or not they help restore collagen but they do keep my lips hydrated and glossy!

Here are some swatches. The colours I got were (from left to right) Daisy, Sindrie and Trixie. Only Sindrie (the middle one) is non-shimmery.

The texture on these are different to other glosses I've tried because they're not quite sticky but they're not really smooth. They're this strange in between texture which means they're soft enough that you can still rub your lips together but they're sticky enought that the gloss will stay on your lips. They definitely have a scent and the scent seems to vary from gloss to gloss with Sindri having an almost blackcurrant type scent (my favourite scent out of the three), Trixie having a sort of cinnamon like scent and Daisy having a caramel type scent (my least favourite scent).

Here are some on lip swatches:

Bare Lips

Daisy: My lips but better (and with shimmer) colour. I like this color but I have many like it.

Sindri: An almost red-brown brick type colour. I like the fact that it doesn't have glitter in it and the colour is buildable. This is at it's sheerest. You just need to be careful as the colour tends to settle into lines and around any flaking on your lips so definitely exfoliate before using this.

Trixie. This colour looks so bright and peachy in the tube but it just comes out looking like nothing special. It's still a pretty colour but it has the same problem as Sindri where the colour tends to settle into the lines in your lips.
These glosses are worth giving a go if you happen to see them along your travels because I think that they do a great job at keeping your lips hydrated while keeping them looking pretty at the same time. You just need be aware that, because of the texture, this gloss tends to settle into the crevices on your lip but most of these colours are so sheer that it's not really noticeable.

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