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Thursday, May 27, 2010 haul

This is another haul post but it's mainly a 'let me tell you how great this site is' post because the site I got these products from is awesome. The address is and it is THE place to go for MAC products and other random items if you live in places like Australia where makeup prices are ridonkulous (yes I did just use that word). I've been using this site to purchase all my MAC eyeshadows and brushes and I have not had a bad experience yet. I have purchased from there at least 5 times and have not had a problem and shipping has always been super fast, I mean I only ordered this lot mid last-week and I already received it- AWESOME!

Anyway, I probably wouldn't have bothered to buy as many MAC brushes as I have if it wasn't for this site as I really have to think the purchase over when buying in store in Oz because of the markup. All of the products are definitely authentic MAC (trust me I can spot a fake) and I've depotted and returned my empty shadow pots Back to MAC and they've accepted them without question.

So here's a picture of the order I just received:

I picked up 10 MAC eyeshadows in Knight, Knight Divine, Black Tied, Electra, Amber Lights, Satin Taupe, Sumptuous Olive, Ricepaper, Tempting and Patina as well as the MAC 187 brush and the MAC 109 brush. I know I already purchased the 187 before but I gave it a new home with my friend and bought another one for myself. I decided to buy the 109 as well because it's always in those 'must have brushes' lists and I really wanted a good contour brush. I doubt I'll end up using this for liquid foundation application like a lot of people do as I think that natural fibre brushes eat up way too much product plus I've noticed that they tend to shed a lot of hairs when used this way.

Anyway definitely go check out this site because you can save a heap of money but watch out because you could get addicted to it like I am. They add items to this site all the time so you should really check it every day so you don't miss out on something. I've had other friends buy from this site and they really like it too so go check it out!

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