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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple but effective: The Brush Guard

Every time I wash my make up brushes I struggle to get a lot of them to dry in the right shape unless I dry them over the edge of a table so the actual brush head doesn't lie flat against anything. This is fine but some brushes still dry wrong as the brush hairs flair on some of my fluffier brushes so I went searching for a solution which is when I stumbled upon the Brush Guard.

This product is basically just a cover for your brushes so that you can keep them in their shape and travel with them or have them dry flat without the brush shape distorting. I purchased them from and they were $5.50 US a pack. The brush guard comes in four different sizes and I bought a pack of each of the sizes but I already need more!

I really like this product as I feel like my brushes apply product better as the heads are keeping their shape and it keeps them looking new and my storage also looks neater as the brushes all look stream lined. Another advertised use for this product was as a grip for the handle so that your handle doesn't get product on it which is actually a pretty good idea but I always forget to do it!

The one pet peeve I have with this product is that if it slips down against the brush hairs, some of the hairs poke through the holes in the product and get bent and messy. This isn't a problem when the brushes are sitting in my brush holder but is more of an issue when I take my brushes with me in my makeup bag when I'm out. I think the good outweighs the bad though.

Here's a picture of three of the different sizes on some of my brushes:

This is a pretty good product and for right now it seems to be the only one of it's kind so it's hard to make a comparison but I think that for the price it's definitely worth checking out. The site also offers a mixed pack with a few of each of the different sized brush guards in it if you just want to try some out first but I knew I'd need a lot so I just bought the full packs for each size. Shipping was pretty fast and the service is really good on the site.

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