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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eye bright? : Stila 'Topaz', MAC Chromographic 'NW25/NC30' and NYX 'Milk' eyeliner comparisons

I'm always on the look out for make up tips and tricks that I can add to my makeup knowledge base and applying a white coloured pencil to your waterline to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger is one of those tips. After a while I started noticing that white was no longer the go to colour and people were raving about the use of flesh coloured pencils instead as it gave a more natural look.

Hmmm... here's the thing, I think that applying anything to your waterline looks unnatural and automatically looks like you're wearing makeup so if you want a natural look then this is not the tip to try. If you want to make your eyes look brighter but are ok with the fact that they won't look like they're 'naturally' brighter then this is a great thing to try out.

I purchased NYX jumbo eye pencil in 'Milk', Stila kajal eye liner in 'Topaz' and MAC's Chromographic pencil in 'NW25/NC30' so I could try out this look and see if it could work for me. Here they are swatched on my arm with the MAC pencil on top, Stila underneath it and the NYX one on the bottom:

Here's a swatch of Topaz on my waterline:

I bought Topaz because all these bloggers were raving about how great it was especially for women of darker skin tones but I actually don't really like it. It's this really creamy peachy colour that just does not last on the water line and because of it's creaminess it gets on to my bottom lashes no matter how carefully I apply it. the colour itself is just not that great on me and I think it makes me look like I have an irritated eye or something. I think it would work better for skin tones that aren't as yellow mine or for skin tones that are a lot lighter.

This is the MAC pencil on my waterline:

I bought the MAC pencil as it was actually a true flesh tone shade and while I appreciate the consistency of the pencil and how well it lasts, I honestly don't really reach for this at all because I don't think it really adds anything to my look. I think the tone is definitely more flattering than the Stila one just because there isn't so much pink in it but I still don't think it really works for me on the waterline. I am interested to see how it would look smudged into my bottom lashline though as I think that would give me a more highlighted and eye brightening effect.

This is what the NYX pencil looks like on my waterline:

This is actually the one that I use the most often but I don't fool myself in to thinking that this offers me a natural look. I am aware that it is obvious I'm wearing white eyeliner but I think it can definitely add to a look when you're going out and you want a really highlighted, bright-eyed look. I think this would work really well when doing a smokey eye and I would use this on my water line and smudge the black or dark brown shadow on my lash line. I prefer doing it this way as I think my eyes look too small when I put dark eye liner on my water line.

This is one of those makeup tips that you just have to try out for yourself so you can see if you like any of these colours on your waterline and if it actually does anything for your overall makeup look. I think the MAC pencil is the overall winner for lasting time and consistency and I know that MAC is releasing this pencil formulation in lots of different colours as a permanent item in their pro stores so if the flesh colour isn't your cup of tea then check out some of the other colours. I think I may go pick one up in the white just because the NYX pencil is made for use on the skin rather than the water line so it doesn't last that long.

UPDATE: It turns out that only the black, flesh coloured and white MAC Chromographic Pencils can actually be used on the water line. Of the other colours some are not even recommended for use in the eye area at all so please check this before using it anywhere near your eye!


  1. What a great post! I just bought one of the MAC ones and you are right, it will never look 'natural'. Very obvious that it is makeup. Great post! Your blog is awesome btw!

  2. Thanks! That means alot since I'm a big fan of your blog :)

  3. Hey, i've been looking at Meagan Goods makeup a lot of late, n i love how she does her eyes, especially the inner corners! It looks like she uses a color similar to the one stilas topaz pencil produces. Im Indian and have got tanned skin... really wanna get hold of the stila one... would you happen to knw whether its available in India..
    Also confused bout the review...n d white one def looks a lot better than the others.
    What would you reccomend?

  4. Hi, sorry I'm not sure about Stila's availability in India since I'm from Australia. I purchased mine from and it pops up on that site every now and then.
    As for the review, what were you confused about?
    Also could you clarify what you want a recommendation on?

  5. Well u dint seem to like the look of the stila one.. here is d eye look i wanna recreate...,2291&itbs=1&biw=1360&bih=653

    Wanted a rec on which eye pencil shes using to create that look.

  6. I don't like the Stila pencil which is what I said in my review. I don't always write positive reviews for items and this was a product I didn't like on myself.

    I just did a post on the look that you linked above since I thought it was quite unique.

    I talked about recommendations for the look in there. Let me know if it doesn't answer your question. :)

  7. My favorite eye-brightener is the lightest Shiseido pencil concealer; it's not too white, and it's not peachy, but a just-right balance. I'm NC44, for reference. I hope that helps!

  8. Anonymous: That does help! I agree with you, I think concealer pencils are definitely the way to go because they're just right since they're true skin tone shades.

  9. I have the topaz liner. I use it as a base or to highlight the browbone if that helps.

  10. Caramel Sara Jo: I've never thought to use it under the brow! Thanks maybe I'll give it another go :)