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Monday, May 10, 2010

Assignments, bribery and Makeup Forever HD Blush

It's getting to that time of the semester where any motivation I had goes right out the window and I need to find ways to bribe myself to make it through to the end. Right now the only thing getting me through finishing an assignment I have due tomorrow is the thought that once it's done I can buy myself one/some Makeup Forever HD Blushes.

Due to a major breakout I had a few weeks back a lot of my blushes weren't really working for me and I was looking around for a product that would act like a natural flush of colour and that's when I came across the Makeup Forever HD blushes .

Even as a non-liquid blush girl, I swear my heart skipped a beat in that 'got to have it' kind of way when I laid eyes on these. There is something about them that just called to me! There are so many colours available but I've narrowed down my selections and the three I decided on are:

First kiss (such a cute name!) which is colour #12 and is described as bright apricot:Quickie which is colour #6 and is described as a salmon pink: And last but not least is Truth or Dare which is colour #3 and is described as a hot pink:

Apart from Quickie, these colours are really out of my usual comfort zone. I don't know why but of late I have been craving bright fuschias and hot pinks and loud oranges and summery corals. I really feel like experimenting with my makeup and buying more youthful colours and products while I still can.

I've been sticking to powder blushes until now because I always thought that cream and liquid blushes were for those with perfect skin. I have quite a lot of scarring on my cheeks due to breakouts and the like so it means that I have to be careful with blush application or risk drawing more attention where it's not wanted. More scars = more concealer which means the tendency for products to stick to areas where your concealer is and leave unsightly patches.

I've come to realise that cream and liquid blushes could be the solution to my problem and that all I really have to do is tweak my application technique to make it work for my skin. I came to this realisation after I started using the NARS Orgasm Illuminator (another product I thought you needed to have perfect skin to use) under my foundation and saw how pretty it looked. I figure that I can do the exact same thing with these blushes and get a pretty result. I assume that wearing the blush under my foundation will even help get a more natural look in the case of the bright apricot and hot pink blushes which may come across too garish otherwise.

The only thing standing in the way of my purchase (apart from the completion of my assignment) is the price tag. The only site that sells Makeup Forever in Australia is charging $51 AUD for a bottle which is ridiculous when you find out that they sell for only $24 in the US. I think I may have possibly found a way around the price problem but I'll keep you posted. I really wish that Sephora would just start shipping to Australia already! It's such a pain seeing all these awesome products that I either can't buy or that I know I could get for half or even a third of the price if I bought it from them.

Oh well, back to the grindstone. Wish me luck!

UPDATE 14/7/10: So my plan that I was attempting to carry out was to find one of those sites that gave you a US postal address so I could make use of all the US only discounts and prices and then have my items shipped over together but that fell through :( I kept trying to find one that was reasonable enough in price to sign up to but the ones that were seemed too good to be true and from experience when things seem that way, they usually are too good to be true so I decided against it.

It's not all bad news though because I managed to find 2 of the colours I wanted ( #3-Truth or Dare and #13- First Kiss) on Ebay for a relatively good price. So instead of forking out $100+ on the two blushes, I managed to pick them up for a bit less than $80 all up. I'm pretty pleased! I've already received Truth or Dare and I'm loving it and the other should come soon. As soon as it arrives and I've worn them for a little bit I'll definitely be doing a review but so far they look very promising!

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