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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Transforming makeup

I've only recently discovered all these cool things you can do to your makeup to make them more user friendly and I feel like there's a whole other world of makeup techniques I've been introduced to that I just never even considered were possible. I've already done a post on depotting my MAC eyeshadows but I just found out how to depot (or de-pen) my NYX Jumbo eye pencils and how to press pigments into an eyeshadow pan.

I've already gone through and depotted all the NYX pencils I have and put them into containers but I'll do a how to post once I get some more. I had a few problems with some of the methods talked about on Youtube and had to tweak the process to make it work for me. Here are pics of what they look like in the pots. I bought some stackable pill containers from a $2 store to put them in. Some came out messier than others but it was a matter of trial and error.

I'll also be pressing all my pigments as soon as I go and buy some rubbing alcohol and then I'll do a post on it. I'm so excited to try this! I especially want to see how it works out on my MAC Solar Bits because the texture of the Solar Bits are a bit annoying to work with due to the fact that they literally are in 'bits' so there's clumps of product you have to attempt to break apart. Without the right base this product tends to go on really clumpy and uneven so hopefully pressing it will make it a bit smoother and easier to use.

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