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Thursday, April 1, 2010

NARS Orgasm Illuminator

I really want to love this product. I mean it's from NARS, it's a beautiful colour and it's shimmery and pretty. The only problem is that I cannot figure out how to wear it! I went to Mecca and got a sample to see if it was worth buying and I can't decide. I think I may crack in the end and buy it but I just don't know. When I read reviews on the product, I noticed that a lot of people seemed upset that the product wasn't shimmery enough. I get what they mean but it's an illuminator not a highlighter. I think it gives a really pretty grown up sheen. It doesn't make you look like a disco ball which is a big plus.

Here a swatch. I'm NC42 by the way.

Like I said, the 'how to' is what's bringing it down. I was told by the MA to apply it as a highlighter on top of my makeup where the light naturally hits my face. I went home and did exactly this but the end result was not pretty. The illuminator made my normally smooth makeup application look blotchy and uneven. I went back and asked another MA about it and he said that he had noticed that this happens when you put it over makeup so he suggested I use it on its own. He said that because I have a darker skin tone, I could use it as a natural blush or I could mix it in to my foundation. If I had perfect skin that didn't have to be covered in concealer and foundation then I would be all for the natural blush thing. As for mixing it in with my foundation, it was ok but not the greatest.

I did try something different today and I put it on before my foundation on my cheeks, bridge of my nose and forehead. I was liking the effect. The glowiness (yes it's a made up word but it's exactly what I mean) of it seemed to show through. I'm going to rock the illuminator this way for a few days and see how it goes.

UPDATE: This last way of using the illuminator has finally made me a NARS illuminator convert after trying it for a few weeks and I'm definitely going to buy it. Now that I've figured out where to place it (I love this especially on the top of my cheekbones) and where not to place it (don't put it anywhere near concealer you've used to cover up blemishes because it'll ruin your hard work), I can't get enough of this product. This definitely gets a thumbs up from me.


  1. I love this too. My NARS MA said to mix this in with foundation -- it works amazing for me. Very glowy but not over the top.

  2. I was loving this for so long but then I discovered the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Gold and unfortunately now my Orgasm illuminator just sits unloved in the drawer.

    The Becca one has more of a noticeable sheen to it and its more yellow tone works better for my skin colour.

    Your comment has reminded me that I should probably start using it again!