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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Soft smokey eye look

I love how beautiful a well done smokey eye looks but unfortunately every time I try this look I end up looking like I got punched in the eye which is why I never bothered with the whole smokey eye thing. Well until now that is!

I think I may have found a smokey eye look that is working for me. I only ever wear light colours on my eyes so having a strong smokey eye was just too much for me but I've realised that if I keep at least the first third of my eyelid light, I can do quite dark or bright colours on my lids with out looking scary.

I decided to try a smokey eye using a black eyeshadow from Inglot and a champagne shimmer from Bobbi Brown mixed with Ricepaper from MAC plus a bit of Nylon from MAC just around the tear ducts to really brighten the eye up. I brought the black eyeshadow underneath my eyes aswell but didn't take it all the way across because doing that makes my eyes look too small. I also put a bit of the lighter shadow on top of this line to soften it up a bit.

I also put some black eyeliner kohl from Rimmell on the edge of my top lash line but smudged it out a lot because I was going for a softer eye look. Forgive the messy blending, I've only just started properly experimenting with different eye colours and techniques so I'm still learning. I used the Phenomen'Eyes Extension Mascara in black on my lashes.

I really liked this look as a step into the smokey eye look without jumping all the way in. I tried this look out on one of my friends and it looked great on her too. It's a look that I think you can wear to go to a formal event but it's not so dramatic that you couldn't also wear it out to dinner or a movie.

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