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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guerlain Loose Powder Kohl

I first saw this powder kohl on some makeup blog and it intrigued me from that first look. Firstly it just looked so pretty as it came in this really exotic looking tube plus it was just such an unusual way of using eyeliner. FYI this is actually a very old and traditional way of apply kohl in the middle east. Anyway, after a few months of deciding whether or not to buy it, I took the plunge and purchased it. My first thought was that it was a lot smaller than I thought it would be! Here it is below:

The stylus that you use to apply the kohl screws out of the top like so:

I mainly bought this kohl because I thought it would be an easier way to do tightlining and it really is. This is how I apply it to the top lashline. I basically rub the side of the stylus against my top lashline:

Apparently to apply it to the bottom water line in the middle eastern way, you place the side of the stylus in between your top and bottom waterline, close your eye and then drag it along until you reach the end. I will warn you that this is messy and you do get some of the kohl in your eye.

The look I achieved when I did it this way was not the greatest. It wasn't really that dark:

I decided to apply the kohl to the bottom water line the same way I applied it when applying it to the top lashine. I placed the site of stylus against the waterline and sort of rubbed the kohl on. I personally prefer this way as I don't think you get as much fallout and you don't get product in your eye plus the line is darker when applied this way:

My thoughts on this product are that I think it's an interesting product and it makes tightlining the top lash line a lot easier but I would stick with a traditional kohl pencil to line my water line as the colour in these tends to be more intense:
The liner I use in this last picture is a traditional Kajal from India made by Blue Heaven. This is such a great product for lining your bottom water line as it is an intense black that is creamy so it doesn't pull on your eyes. Definitely worth checking out if lining your waterline is something you like doing. Be warned though that it smudges really easily as it is pure kajal.

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