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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beauty Spotlight: Selita Ebanks

I was looking around for some makeup inspiration when I saw pictures of Selita Ebanks. Seriously can this girl be any more gorgeous? I really liked the look she was rocking in one of her pictures so I went looking for more and I swear it is impossible to find a bad picture of her! She has this amazing glowy look in all the pics I've seen and that's regardless of whether she's pulling off red lips, silver eyes or the bright white/gold eyes that she seems to wear alot.

To get this really glowy sunkissed look she has going I would try the following.

The key to achieving this healthy glow is a really good illuminator. I gave the NARS Orgasm illuminator another go and now that I've figured out how to wear it properly I absolutely love it! So definitely invest in it or some other type of cream or liquid illuminator and put a bit at the high points of your cheek bones, on the bridge of your nose and on top of your cupids bow. I usually skip across the forehead because I think it just makes me look shiny. You can also try Benefit's Moon Beam or High Beam or even a powder highlighter like NARS Albatross as long as you use a light hand.

You should definitely go for a pretty sunkissed peachy toned cheek. I like using a matte blush like NARS Gina on days when I'm going to go shimmery on the eyes. A shimmery blush like Smashbox's Paradise or NARS Torrid is really pretty if you're doing a very neutral eye.

Whether you're going shimmery or matte or warm or cool, the key here is to do your eye makeup using lighter shades so that they really pop. And remember to put a highlight colour around your tear duct because that's really going to give you that illuminated eye look. I would go for something like MAC Ricepaper or Nylon eyeshadow or Stila Kitten eye shadow.

You definitely want to stick with colours that are going to compliment your makeup so if you're going for a very neutral eye ( just mascara, a shadow that matches your skin tone and thin black eyeliner) then you have free reign to rock a bright, bold lip. Just make sure that you keep the lip colour shade in a warm tone so you don't loose the glow you're trying to create. The naked eye and red lip is a classic combo and Selita pulls it off beautifully.

If you're going to go very shimmery and light on the eyes, I would stick with a neutral lip. This doesn't mean nude, this means something close to your lip colour that still has warmth in it with a natural shine. Colours like warm browns, peaches and corals are great for this look. You don't want an overly glossy lip with shimmery lids so this is where tinted lip balms are great because they give you a hint of colour and shine and they won't dry your lips. Try the ones from Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier because they are awesome!

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